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Air conditioning systems are an investment for any homeowner. It is an entire process of considerations of what kind of units have to be bought, and taking utmost care of the system comes with responsibility during the installation process. Hence, installing such systems or replacing those years old air conditioners are vital to reduce the spending on their constant repair. 

If your AC system is getting older, it is preferable to get it replaced. HVAC systems are a better choice, as they can be used year-round for a better flow of new air conditioner installation Ottawa, in your household. Certain systems tend to degrade with time before they stop working altogether. Pay attention to their performance, and prepare yourself for a new purchase.

Some signs are shown by the old units, even before they start failing. Following are a few signs that hint that it is time to get an air conditioning replacement done.

Frequent Breakdown: 

If you are having the trouble of calling professionals of air conditioning again and again, then it’s time for you to get a replacement. The costs involved in calling technicians repeatedly might accumulate into getting a new unit altogether. If your AC system is breaking down despite regular servicing, then you should opt for a replacement. HVAC technicians can spot the issue and correct them before even summer begins for easy living. The breakdown may also be caused due to a lack of maintenance, and keeping your unit updated might help eradicate the issue.

Expensive Energy Bills: 

If your bills are skyrocketing, then your air conditioning system might have a possibility of being malfunctioned. Their efficiency could be degrading with time. If there aren’t any sudden changes, then your electricity bills should stay at the same amount, with a minor increase in the summer season. Energy bills also tend to rise if the air conditioner gets older. However, if the continuity stands for higher bills, then it might be time for you to get a replacement.

Old Air Conditioning Unit:

It is quite obvious that if your AC is getting older, then it is preferable to prepare oneself for a replacement. Since the systems are exposed to varying temperatures throughout the year, they might wear out. Furthermore, the older air conditioners have a life expectancy of about 10-12 years. Also, with all the advancements, sometimes the parts used might become unavailable, which could be a major factor for its repair.

Usage of R-22 Freon:

The USA has banned the production of Freon since January 1, 2020, for environmental protection. Hence, if your air conditioning system uses Freon, it is advisable to get it replaced with a system that avoids the refill of the R-22 refrigerant. Therefore, air conditioner repairs in Ottawa could be difficult post-2020 as the refrigerant might not be available. 

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