A thermostat is a fundamental component of your heating and cooling system. The small device allows you to control your residential or commercial space’s indoor temperature entirely by altering the temperature and humidity levels.

With the advent of smart thermostats, controlling indoor temperature has never been this easy –  you can create automatic and programmable temperature settings based on your daily schedules. Many people are gradually opting for this technology.

The only condition to reap the uninterrupted and astounding benefits of this device is proper maintenance and well-timed repair. DreamAir Heating and Cooling Inc. is your one-stop solution for all thermostat-relates services. Our services include:

Thermostat Installation & Replacement

Installation of a thermostat is a 10-minute process and is completely hassle-free. You wouldn’t have to make significant changes in your house for the HVAC technician to perform his work. After installation, the technician would run a quick test to ensure your thermostat’s calibration with your furnace or new air conditioner installation Ottawa.

There are two prime reasons why homeowners opt for thermostat installation.

  • When the thermostat is no longer functional

Thermostats have an average lifespan of 10 years. Therefore, replacing a thermostat is better than spending on frequent and costly repairs. This small device can also significantly impact your energy bills.

  • When there’s a need for an upgrade in technology

Homeowners are now moving towards smart thermostats not only because they save energy and reduce utility bills but for the ease of programming the device regardless of your location. It allows you to reduce the heating and cooling when nobody is home and make your house warm and cozy right before you arrive home.

Our certified and trained HVAC technicians at DreamAir Heating and Cooling Inc. can install any thermostat of your preference. If you are opting for a replacement, we will suggest the best type of thermostat after evaluating your budget and requirements. We work 24/7 for emergency furnace repair Ottawa.

Thermostat Repair

A faulty thermostat is utterly unbearable as it makes your indoor climate unpleasant. The common causes of thermostat malfunction are age, wear and tear, and manufacturing defect. If you are experiencing extreme temperature swings or if your thermostat is displaying inaccurate readings, it might require a heating solutions Ottawa.

Other signs that highlight a problem in thermostats are:

  • The heating or cooling unit runs constantly
  • The thermostat screen doesn’t turn on or responds
  • Fluctuating Temperature

Our team of certified heating and cooling technicians will diagnose the problem and restore the system to efficient functioning. In case your thermostat is beyond repair, the technician would suggest a replacement.

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Are you a resident of Ottawa looking for cost-effective thermostat services? DreamAir Heating and Cooling Inc. provide top-notch thermostat installation and HVAC repair Ottawa. If you need emergency repairs, please rely on our round-the-year services for gas fireplace repair Ottawa. We are not satisfied until you are!

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