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Amidst the scorching summer season, your only salvation would be your AC system and a glass of cold soda—especially your AC system, which will stay by your side throughout the summer.

However, as much of a savior it is, most people take their AC systems for granted. Seldom have AC users asked for regular air conditioner maintenance Ottawa. This leads to an expected situation— a sudden breakdown of the system in the middle of the summer.

To avoid that, you can schedule regular maintenance and AC repair Ottawa for your system with us. If you are yet not persuaded, here are a few more reasons why you should definitely opt for AC maintenance Ottawa.

How can our professional AC Maintenance Service help?

There is more than one rationale why you should always opt for regular maintenance for your AC system. Here’s a quick outline of why our reliable repair service can give the best bang for your invested dollars.

Helps Save Money

Believe us when we tell you that regular maintenance can help you save money in the long run. We will help you keep your system in its best shape with regular maintenance, thus saving you the cost of repairing frequently.

Prevents Sudden Breakdowns

You would not want your system to stop working in the middle of the hot summer season. Nothing can be worse than that, and we understand. With our reliability for air conditioner repairs Ottawa and central air conditioner maintenance Ottawa, you need not worry about sudden breakdowns.

High-quality Indoor Air

Air conditioners also play an essential role in keeping your indoor air quality clean and healthy. We will guarantee this quality with our regular maintenance and air quality checks. Our technicians are proficient and experienced and will help you maintain the highest quality of indoor air, air conditioning repair Ottawa.

Extended System Life

It is quite logical that a sound system will last for a longer time. If the system is ill-kept and left unmaintained, it will collapse sooner than later. However, with regular maintenance and scheduled check-ups, your system can outlast its guaranteed lifespan by years. We can help you accomplish that with our expert services.

When to call us in?

Our services are always just a beck and call away. However, our experts suggest that you schedule an appointment at least once a year for regular HVAC maintenance Ottawa. That way, we can ensure that your system is in its best shape throughout the season. Such maintenance will be ideal in the spring season, just before the systems are utilized to their maximum.

Even during the summer, there might be emergency breakdowns due to over-usage. After all, your AC system is just another machine. Even then, we can help you out with our emergency air conditioner repair in Ottawa.

Therefore, the next time you need help with your AC service Ottawa or are looking for maintenance and repair services, give DreamAir Heating and Cooling a call at 613-558-4328 or 613-762-3035. Our experts will be more than willing to rush to your aid and help you with anything related to air conditioner repair Ottawa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How often should AC be serviced?

It is importants to get your AC serviced at least once every year. There may be underlying mechanical issues that escape your notice and damage internal parts of the AC. In such a case, the AC starts to extract more energy from the supply, and its lifespan decreases. When the services are ignored for a long period, the Air conditioner may be damaged beyond repair, or cost thousands of dollars to be fit for use again. Make sure to get your AC serviced at least once every year so that it doesn’t turn out to be a major expense in the future.

2. How much should AC service cost? 

There can be no fixed rate for servicing your air conditioner, because there may be undetected issues within that don’t catch the eye. To be extra careful about the expenses, make sure to regularly hire AC servicing and ensure that it keeps working at its top efficiency.

 3. How long do AC units last in Ontario?

It has been observed that a well-maintained AC lasts an average of fifteen to twenty years in Ontario. Whereas the ones that are not serviced regularly will last less than ten years and may cost a huge sum to get it repaired! Eventually, it all comes down to the quality of the air conditioner along with the care that it has received all along. Avoiding the service or using it 24/7 can also reduce the life of your AC.

 4. How long should you clean your outside AC unit? 

When it comes to the outside AC unit, you must get it cleaned twice every year. That way, the air conditioner can be used at its full efficiency during the scorching summers. This part of the air conditioner is always exposed to the elements like smoke, rain, and storms. Therefore, it must be cleaned to avoid the blockage of air. It is advised to keep plants, leaves, and shrubs away from the outside unit for better airflow. Cleaning the AC and mantling it can be a confusing task, you may hire our experts at Dream Air Heating & Cooling to get it done at a swift pace with a professional touch!

 5. How can I reduce energy costs?

There are many useful ways to reduce your energy costs, and we have mentioned some of the best for you.

● Your AC should be installed by a professional technician. Because faulty installation can increase the power drainage and thus your electricity bill will touch the skies.

● To avoid using the AC 24/7, because it puts an immense load on all units.  And the machine begins to drive more supply of electricity to keep working.

● Regular maintenance and services can improve the lifespan of your AC, and also help you to prevent rising electricity bills.

● If you don’t set the temperature too low, find a generic degree for your room that would be sufficient. Setting the temperature too low puts an immense load on the AC, and it extracts more electricity than the normal usage.

Great service , friendly staff ,reasonable price
ashish sharma
ashish sharma
We went the company based on recommendation from our friend. Very good service and experience at reasonable prices. No issues with installation so far. Very responsive to help with Enbridge inspection feedback. Kudos to Mr. Nitin and team
Vaishali Garg
Vaishali Garg
Got multiple jobs done at my property including replacing oil furnace with gas furnace, hot water tank replacement and AC maintenance. Very professional and reliable service at good price. We switched from Francis since they were not recommending standard brands for furnace replacement and were not doing installation that would best suit our property. We have been happy with service provided by DreamAir team, would definitely recommend!
Shashank Gupta
Shashank Gupta
I used DreamAir services for installing a new tankless water heater and to take care of the uneven heating through the office building. I must say that Nitin is a very reasonable, thorough and professional guy and we are very satisfied with the work. There was a problem once late at night and he was there right away to fix it. He is taking care of the regular maintenance now at our office and I am going to be using his services for my home as well. Highly recommend this company!!
Saral Rai
Saral Rai
Good quality of work. In the pandemic , I got a hold of furnace. Awesome!
mel Anderson
mel Anderson
Easy going guys and honest
Ravi Inder Singh
Ravi Inder Singh
I will definitely recommend Nitin- DreamAir, to anyone who wants reliable and efficient service. He communicated all the costs and various brands options available for the AC. Gave suggestions for what will work for our house. We booked the day and time of our choice for the installation. He gave heads-up on his ETA on the day of install and it all went very smoothly. He arrived on time with Mansoor, they cleaned after they were done. Removed our old AC and arranged for scrap pick-up, everything was part of the instal. No hidden costs, everything was well coordinated ahead of time. They were both very helpful with all our questions. Professional, honest, on-time and reliable service. I wish Nitin and his team all the best!
sarika chugh
sarika chugh
We had an issue with our water tank, they fixed it within hours after calling them, extremely fast and professional!! Amazing service!
Michel Berbari
Michel Berbari

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