Gas or Water Heater Installation

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Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Whether you need a simple repair or a water heater replacement, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’ve got a water heater or a gas water heater installation cost, we have the know-how to repair or replace it.


Water Heater Maintenance

Whether you have a gas or tank-less water heater, regular water heater maintenance is the best way to guarantee top performance and longevity.

DreamAir Heating and Cooling Inc. is a one-stop destination for all your water heaters, like water heaters, tankless water heaters and tankless system repair or service issues. As one of the most reliable contractors in Ottawa, we have taken it upon ourselves to help families get the most out of their water heaters.

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Installation Services

If you think installing a water heater or tankless system is a child’s play, think again!  projects should be well planned down to the last detail. A seemingly innocuous installation error can have far-reaching implications for the performance and longevity of a water heater.

At DreamAir Heating and Cooling Inc., we are committed to ensuring our community’s safety and convenience. Our team comprises seasoned professionals that have hands-on experience of installing different types of water systems. They are well aware of the installation challenges specific to various systems, and always have a plan ready to steer clear of roadblocks. Read More

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Repair Services

From leaks to tripped circuit breakers, there are several water heater repair issues. You cannot trust an amateur with only superficial knowledge of water heaters for heating system repair Ottawa. Remember one wrong move, even a single repair mistake can void your warranty. Additionally, you may end up spending more on repairs. What’s worse your water heater can sustain serious damage which may impact its performance and cut short its service life.

No one understands the nature and scope of water tank repair Ottawa issues better than our experts. We understand the importance of timely water heater repair. After a customer books an appointment, our team gets to work without wasting any time to ensure the problem is contained before things take a turn for the worse. The day Dream Air Heating & Cooling Inc. came into existence, we promised our community members to offer swift and sustainable solutions. Our team leaves no stone unturned to uphold this promise. Read More

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Maintenance Services

When it comes to getting the most out of your water heater, the importance of a maintenance plan cannot be ruled out. Regular maintenance allows our team to diagnose and troubleshoot problems before they get out of hand.

Our experts have worked hard to develop an in-depth understanding of repair issues. Our experience has taught us that repair issues can go undetected for a long time. During maintenance sessions, our experts perform various tests to diagnose problems. Based on their findings, they formulate an action plan to address current issues and prevent potential future issues.

Whether you have a modern tankless heater or a traditional storage water tank service Ottawa, we have got your back.

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