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The summer heat has already started rising above the limit of endurance, and all you need to beat this is an air conditioning system. Installing an air conditioner tops your summer to-do list if you haven’t done that yet. Though installing an AC can bring you immense comfort, the cost you might need to pay for new air conditioner installation Ottawa can be a matter of discomfort to your pocket.

The cost of AC installation Ottawa depends upon the type of air conditioning system you have chosen for your home. The general price of an air conditioning system can range between $2500 to $7000. The exact cost of an air conditioning system will depend upon several factors, like the size of the AC, the output of the air conditioning system, the layout and the size of your house, and the condition of the existing insulation or ductwork of your home.

Cost To Install A Central Air Conditioner in Ottawa:

The average cost of a central air conditioner is $3500. The central air conditioners are designed to cool down the entire house, and there are various ranges and sizes of a central air conditioning system. The whole system consists of an indoor and outdoor unit. A central air conditioning system works with a furnace and distributes cooled air in your home via ductwork.

The cost that you pay while buying a central air conditioner will include:

  • The cost of the central air conditioner unit
  • Removal of the old unit, if any (disposal fees extra)
  • Standard material required for AC installation and labor cost for installation in Ottawa

Cost to Install A Ductless Air Conditioner In Ottawa:

Ductless air conditioners are cheaper than a central air conditioning system, and can cost you an average price of $3500. Ductless air conditioners are generally split ACs and are designed to serve a single room and small spaces. A split air conditioning system will also have an indoor and an outdoor unit. The air is distributed in your room without ductwork and the need for a furnace.

The amount that you pay while buying a split air conditioning system will include:

  • The cost of the ductless air conditioner, including the indoor and the outdoor unit
  • Standard installation materials and cost of labor
  • The standard warranty for five years
  • Removal of the old unit, if any (disposal fees extra)

Factors That Affect Your AC Installation Cost:

If you are buying a new air conditioning system, the company is more likely to include the installation charge in the overall price. But if you are re-installing your old AC or if the company is not offering you an included installation. An HVAC expert from Dream Air Heating and Cooling Inc. will help you in your AC installation by charging for their services. The charges of an AC service Ottawa will be based on:

  • Type of the AC Unit: The cost of installing a central air conditioner and a split air conditioner will be different.
  • Size of the AC Unit: The smaller the AC unit, the lesser is the amount charged for installation.
  • Amount of Work Required: If you require other work apart from the installation, you may need to pay extra for that.
  • Ductwork: If you want to repair your old ductwork or wish to install new, both will cost you differently.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you DIY air conditioner installation?

The majority of households tend to use some type of air conditioning system. They are the most convenient forms to have access to cool. With mere flipping of the switch, you get a cold breeze flowing in your house to compete with the heat outside. You must be wondering if it is possible to install an air conditioning system on your own. Well, the answer is, yes, you can. The benefits included in installing a DIY Air Conditioner are that no manual labor is required, no legwork is necessary, and professional upkeep is eradicated. 

How long does it takes to install a new AC unit? 

For any air conditioning system, the time duration required to install a new unit is about 4-8 hours. It is a one-day process depending upon the type of unit that is installed. But in order to install an entire HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system, it takes about 3-5 days for the installation process. The size of your home and the units required to be installed, such factors also affect the duration taken in the installation process of the air conditioning unit. Any local air conditioning specialists shall help you in giving a rough estimate of the time that it would take to install the whole AC system. 

How much does it cost to installs central air in Ontario? 

The cost of a new air conditioner installation in Ottawa is approximately $3,500. The cost includes the removal of the old unit, the cost of the central air conditioning unit, the material required for the air conditioner installation as well as labor costs. The AC Installation in Ottawa costs varies from the ranges and sizes of the unit, the output of the system, the layout, and the size of your house. The general price of an air conditioning system can range between $2,500 to $7,000. 

Can I install an air conditioner myself? 

If you have had experience with plumbing and electric work, and don’t want to hire a professional for installing an air conditioner, then you can install the unit on your own. Despite the fact that the units are certainly different, the installation process is generally the same. It is preferable to install a split system air conditioner, as they are quieter, easier to install, and are more efficient. 

What do I need to know before installing an air conditioner?

The factors that need to be considered before installing an air conditioner are as follows:

  • Cost in the installation and purchase of the unit.
  • The Quality provided by the company that you’re purchasing from.
  • The size of the air conditioning unit needs to be kept in mind based on the size of the area that needs to be cooled.
  • Efficiency in the ductwork is also a factor to be checked upon.
  • Energy Consumption by the unit installed.
  • The durability of the air conditioner.
  • Air Quality generated by the air conditioner before installation needs to be checked.
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ashish sharma
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Vaishali Garg
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Shashank Gupta
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Ravi Inder Singh
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sarika chugh
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