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HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems are an important part of your home. Apart from them, furnaces and heat pumps are vital too. They not only control the temperature but also maintain the humidity in order to keep you comfortable. These Heating and Air Conditioning Ottawa systems usually require maintenance from time to time so that they can run smoothly and avoid breakdowns, which can cost you a lot.

Different Types Of HVAC services

There are many companies that offer different types of HVAC services but cutting down the cost and still getting an effective repair is rare. I am sure running a household keeping comfort in mind and overlooking the cost can be difficult. You must be thinking, is it worth it? 

The Right Maintenance Plans For Your HVAC System

Let me answer your question about the right maintenance plans for your HVAC systems. 

Firstly, while conducting any HVAC maintenance task, the pointers that should be kept in mind are as follows: 

  • Every three months, change the air filter.
  • Wash the filter regularly if it is an electrostatic one.
  • Remove the debris from the outside part of the AC unit.
  • If the unit becomes dirty, spray it down with a hose.
  • The inside portion shouldn’t be locked down by any furniture.

For AC maintenance Ottawaopting for professional help is always a better idea. Apart from the things mentioned above, there are certain aspects of Heating and Air Conditioning in Ottawa services that you should let the professionals manage.

Certain Aspects Of Heating and Air Conditioning

Loose electrical conditions:

They can be dangerous to deal with, and a short circuit might take place that can risk your life.

Lubrication of moving parts:

High friction can lead to overheating of the unit and eventually lead to the unit breaking down. Lubrication of parts will help the system function smoothly and lower your energy bills.

Checking the refrigerant:

An air conditioning unit’s refrigerant should be maintained as the chances of leakage may damage the parts of the unit. An experienced technician will check and repair if any such leaks are found.

Adjusting the blower:

Any blower issues in your air conditioning unit might lead to about a 15% decrement in the efficiency of your system. When adjusted properly, the airflow will become proper to provide you with comfort.

Checking fuel lines:

Loose oil connections or poor gas might lead to a fire hazard through your air conditioning unit. It may also lead to health problems if the fuels escape into your home. A professional will tighten the connections, to avoid such issues.

Inspection of the Condensate Drain:

AC units condensate when they are functioning. It usually runs into a drain that fixed on the outside part of the house. If these drains are filled with dirt, then they get blocked. This is when a professional technician comes to the rescue.

These are the things that can be difficult to manage by yourself, and thus you should reach out for professional help. For air conditioner installation Ottawa, you can trust DreamAir Heating and Cooling Inc, for a complete and reliable maintenance service.

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