We provides heat pump repair, replacement and new installation services as well. Get in touch with us today to get the heat pump services you need.



Looking for an HVAC team you can trust to keep you comfortable all winter? Don’t wait—contact the certified professionals at Dream Air today for top-rated furnace repair services Ottawa



If you want to keep your home in good condition and preserve a healthy indoor living environment at the same time, it’s very important to use all of the exhaust fans in your home.

DreamAir Heating and Cooling Inc. is a leading heating and cooling company-serving families in Ottawa. We offer top-notch furnace service or maintenance, and installation.

Our team has got you covered whether you are experiencing a minor heating or cooling problem or a major repair issue. Cannot decide which furnace or thermostat is the best for your home? Let our experts help you make informed decisions. We have answers to all your heating and cooling questions.

Why live with a dysfunctional HVAC when we are here to help? We are committed to helping you care for your system without digging deep into your pocket. Our ability to offer low-cost sustainable solutions sets us apart.

FurnaceInstallation Services

The importance of accurate thermostat installation cannot be ruled out. Incorrect installation can negatively impact your thermostat’s performance and cut short its lifespan.

We believe in doing things right the first time. To achieve this, we have developed a comprehensive in-house installation checklist. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of installation best practices, and they ensure to follow this checklist. Obsessed with perfection, they go the extra mile, if necessary, to ensure everything goes according to plan. Read More

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FurnaceRepair Services

When our experts visit your home, they come across very few surprises. It is because our technicians have years of rich experience and an in-depth understanding of possible problems. Our licensed, highly qualified and certified technicians have rich experience in repairing the HVAC equipment of almost every brand and model.

We offer a full range of fireplace repair Ottawa. Whether you have a clogged filter that needs replacement or a malfunctioning furnace humidifier Ottawa, we can do it all.

Further, we have quick access to the spares of all the major brands and manufacturers and ensure that your system is running smoothly with minimum downtime. Read More

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FurnaceMaintenance Services

If you feel that your heating system is working correctly and your thermostat is working fine and do not need any maintenance program, THINK AGAIN.

Whatever brand and model of heating system you use to keep your home warm & cozy during winters, proper maintenance is always a necessity to ensure that your heating system runs smoothly and continuously with high efficiency. Periodic maintenance will increase the efficiency and life of your heating system.

Benefits of Periodic Heating Maintenance for your Home.

  • Improved efficiency
    • Not only will your system be more productive, but it will also be more efficient, thus reducing your utility bills.
  • Greater reliability
    • Regular tune-ups will avoid sudden surprises, as periodic Maintenance will catch minor issues before they become major ones.
  • A longer life span for your heater. 
    • Regular checks of your system minimize the wear and tear, thus reducing the damage and leading to a longer life of your heating system.
  • Enhanced comfort. 
    • Caring for your device will enhance the efficiency of the system and improve your home’s overall air quality. Read More
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