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When Should You Call for a Professional Air Conditioner Repair?

Whether you can sit down and relax on a beautiful day at your home will depend on whether your AC unit is working fine or not. In places like Ottawa, where humidity and rise in temperature will knock you off if you do not have a fully functional AC unit, one can’t simply afford to have an Ac unit that does not function properly.

If you are suffering from an AC unit breakdown, it is high time to summon the guardian angel- the best AC repair Ottawa to get the AC back to life.

Here is when you should reach out to professionals:

Warm Air

Instead of cool and comfortable air, if your AC unit gives away a warm ambiance that makes you sweat, you must ensure that your AC unit needs immediate servicing. In most cases, warm airflow is an indication that the AC compressor is out of order and needs repair. To decide whether the AC is emitting warm air or not, do not forget to check on the outside temperature. 

Inadequate Airflow

The second instance that demands immediate AC servicing is poor airflow. If the vents of your air conditioning unit cannot supply cool air at the rate, it is expected to. Then you must immediately schedule an appointment for AC repair. Poor airflow could often result from a blockage in the ducts. Keeping the AC working in this condition is not advisable because that could lead to further problems. Generally, with regular scheduled cleaning and servicing, such problems can be avoided. 

Unpleasant Odors

A perfectly working air conditioning unit should not emit any odour. If your AC unit emits an unpleasant smell, it indicates some severe issue with the air conditioning unit. There could be multiple reasons why an AC emits odours. It could be due to the leakage of some chemicals or electrical wiring damage. Since both conditions are hazardous and can lead to severely damaging aftermath, it is better to switch off the AC as soon as you get the smell and call for immediate help. 


A healthy and perfectly working air conditioning unit should not create any noise while operating. If it is making noise, there must be some internal issues that need to be addressed at the earliest. Noises from the air conditioning unit usually appear if there is some obstruction in the fan of the AC. Sometimes people also hear screeching noises from the AC that indicates friction in the bearings. Electrical problems in the AC also create clicking noise. Each of these can be easily tackled with professional help. 

Why Do You Need Professional Help?

Your AC is one of your most prized possessions. Please do not take risks with its health. For premium ac service Ottawa at affordable prices, connect with Dream Air for air conditioner repair. Our team of experienced professionals trained to render the best ac servicing and repair services. You can also connect with us for hassle-free air conditioner installation Ottawa. Budget-friendly heating and air conditioning Ottawa are just a call away. Contact us at 613-762-3035

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