gas leak smell coming

Accidents may happen anywhere, at any time and sometimes you may not even have the situation under your control. However, in some events, a little bit of knowledge and cautiousness goes a long way. Controlling it well and not letting it get out of your hands is yet another tactful way of handling the issue.

An unintended gas leak is not only a fire hazard, but it can also be a threat to your health by itself and even harm the environment. A Gas leak smell coming when exposed over time in a confined area can build into life-threatening danger and an explosive, and when leaked into the environment, it is a major cause of the ozone layer getting depleted and catalyzes global warming.

How to tell there has been a gas leak?

Gas Leak Smell Coming is a big giveaway sign of a potential accident waiting to happen. Natural Gas in its original state is odorless and the smell is instead added by the company so that you can easily detect a leak. However, this may not be applicable for everyone and so, it is important to recognize the other signs of a leak, as well. 

  • Many companies use a harmless chemical called Mercaptan in natural gas that gives it a distinct smell. If you find the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs in the kitchen or in an area where it should not have been present, this might be a gas leak. 
  • In some cases when the gas leaves the pipeline, it causes a hissing or a whistling effect. This is yet another sign that may not always apply to all homes. However, if you do hear this unusual noise from an appliance, pipe, or gas container, prepare to evacuate the area. 
  • Sometimes, you may see a white vapor cloud or a mist that will help you recognize a gas leak. People have also reported seeing bubbles forming and floating in water during such an event. 
  • If you happen to have a plant near the area, and it appears to be dead and dying for no apparent reason, chances are that the gas that is leaking is causing it to be this way. 

You could also be experiencing a few symptoms and feeling ill as a result of the leak. Immediately go outside for some fresh air if you feel nauseous, light-headed, or have a headache. Staying for long periods in an area where the leak has taken place can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and can be fatal. 

What do you do in case of a gas leak?

In case you suspect a gas leak, the first thing you must do is to leave the area immediately and call the National Gas Emergencies number on 613-762-3035. Avoid using any appliances, including your cell phone or landline in the area and do not smoke where the gas has leaked, and do not think of operating any electric switches, electric water heater Ottawa as well. 

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