Furnace Tune Up Ottawa

Fall is here. This is the best time to prep your furnace for the heating season. Before temperatures start falling, get a professional inspection and tune-up. During a maintenance session, your technician will check electrical connections and adjust, repair, lubricate, and/or replace parts. The professional will look for a propane tankless water heater Ottawa Ontario and fix issues.

Here are some reasons to schedule a fall furnace tune-up.

Improved Safety

A malfunctioning furnace can pose a serious safety hazard. Over time, a furnace can develop cracks that can let toxic carbon monoxide leak into the house. In many cases, by the time the homeowner realizes that there is a problem, it’s too late.

The importance of having gas furnaces checked for leaks cannot be emphasized enough. During a maintenance session, your technician will inspect and fix the gas line, heat exchanger, and other areas that may develop leaks.

Extended Equipment Life 

A furnace, just like any other household appliance, needs regular maintenance. Periodic maintenance gives your technician opportunities to look for and fix issues before they snowball into major concerns. Regular maintenance reduces wear and tear, and your furnace will last longer, and save you money in the long run.


A well-maintained furnace operates efficiently, and is less likely to need frequent and expensive repairs. It is estimated that regular furnace maintenance can prevent 85 percent of repairs a furnace may need over its service life.

During a maintenance session, your technician will remove dirt that collects inside the heating unit. This accumulation can reduce furnace efficiency by 40 percent, forcing it to work harder and longer.

This translates into higher energy bills. A well-maintained furnace operates efficiently. Keeping up with your maintenance schedule can help prevent costly and emergency furnace repair Ottawa.

Maintaining Your Warranty Coverage

A furnace must be maintained on a regular basis by a licensed contractor. If you do not follow your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, you may lose your warranty coverage and end up spending a ton of money on repairs that would otherwise have been covered by your warranty.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

A furnace pulls air from the home through a filter. This air is heated and distributed throughout the home. Over time, filters get clogged. A furnace with clogged filters is unable to trap contaminants.

During a fall tune-up, your contractor will make sure the blower is working properly. The professional will clean/replace filters and get rid of the debris. A regularly maintained furnace will contribute to the overall level of indoor comfort and help keep the air in your home free from allergens.

Dream Air Heating and Cooling is the trusted HVAC contractor Ottawa. We specialize in heating and furnace installation Ottawa. If you have a heating/cooling problem, we will have a solution. To schedule a fall furnace tune-up, call us at 613-762-3035.

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