Heating Maintenance

Fall is here. Before it comes in its full swing, get your HVAC ready for the heating season. There are various benefits of pre-winter HVAC maintenance. A well-maintained heating system operates efficiently and is less likely to break down when it is needed the most. Increased efficiency translates into operational cost savings.

Follow the Tips to Get your HVAC System Ready for Fall and Winter

Replace Filters

Every HVAC system has filters. These filters trap common contaminants in the air, such as dander, pollen, and dirt and dust particles. Over time, filters get clogged with dust and dirt.

Clogged filters are the number one cause of HVAC issues. Clogged filters can cause airflow issues and make the motor of the fan work harder. An overworked motor can get stressed, and eventually burn out, resulting in major damage.

To prevent this from happening, replace filters at recommended intervals.

Most heating furnace repair in Ottawa recommend replacing HVAC filters every three months; however, a house with children and pets, filter should be changed every month.

Reset Your Thermostat

This is the right time to reprogram your thermostat. If you are using a programmable thermostat, lower the temperature when no one is home or at night (if you do not mind sleeping in a slightly warmer room) to save on energy bills.

Inspect Your Vents and Registers

Make sure all your return and supply vents and registers are unblocked. No vent should be blocked by furniture or rugs or closed off in any way. Remove dirt and dust around your vents. Cleaning your vents regularly will prevent dirt and dust from entering your system and circulating throughout your home.

Get a Professional HVAC Inspection

Before winter arrives, have your system inspected by your HVAC technician. Remember, some HVAC issues hide in plain sight, so, even if you do not notice any problems, it’s still advisable to get a professional hot water tank installation Ottawa.

Your contractor will winterize your system. They will check electrical connections, lubricate parts, replace filters, and repair or replace malfunctioning parts.

Maintain the Outdoor Unit

Maintaining the outdoor unit of an HVAC is as important as caring for the indoor unit. Trim vegetation around your outdoor unit. Keep the area around it clean. Repair or replace bent fins. Inspect and clean your coils regularly.

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