Heat Pump Installation Ottawa

The leading service that a heat pump provides is heating the house or its installed area. A lot of people might argue how it is better than a heater or a furnace. One of the primary reasons it is preferred over other heating devices is its efficiency — it does not use oil, fuel, or electric systems.

For this very aspect, people believe that ductless AC and heat pumps go hand in hand.

Heat Pumps Can Heat and Cool the Space Alike

Heat pumps provide the services of room cooling as well as room heating. The functions can be controlled by a phone application, a remote, or a simple button on the wall. Given the simplicity of their architecture, it has become effortless to shift from cooling to heating or heating to cooling.

When mounted to the correct specifications and in the described format, it retains an efficient control of room temperature, heats or cools the room or the concerned space within an instant, and maintains the desired temperature.

It Requires Minimal Maintenance

Unlike furnaces or boilers, heat pumps hardly require any maintenance. The simplicity of their design leaves very scarce space for the device to need external help.

However, it will be beneficial to arrange an annual inspection for the device irrespective of its service. Suppose you are receiving immaculate service from the heat pump and do not believe it has suffered any technical loss. It is only after proper maintenance that you will discover that some dust or other minute particles are clogged inside the machine’s intricacy.

Since the device uses no substance like electricity, gas, oil, or fuel, its chances of needing maintenance are further reduced.

It Is Safer than Other Similar Devices

When you buy a heat pump, you can be assured that there are no chances of you experiencing an electric or fire hazard. Therefore, even if the device malfunctions, you don’t have to worry about it, causing a life-threatening danger.

You might have to spend a few bucks in maintenance or repair, but the amount of safety guaranteed by heat pumps is unparalleled. This statement can be confirmed by all the heating companies in Ottawa.

It Helps In the Reduction of the Carbon Footprint

Since heat pumps do not specifically use combustion to produce heat, it does not release any carbon emissions. The only time it does is at the time of processing the energy. Only a limited amount of electricity is required to power the compressor; thus, it does not account for much.

This ensures the heat pump is an incredibly environmentally efficient room-heating or cooling technology.

Is it becoming difficult to tolerate extreme heat or cold? Instead of getting an AC and a heater, why don’t you invest in something that will solve both your problems at once? If you live anywhere near Ottawa, CA, DreamAir will take care of the rest of the problem for you. To get more info on the same, call at 613-762-3035.

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