replace a furnace

A furnace is an asset for the alleviation of your household. It is like an investment for the day-to-day comfort of your family. Therefore, it is preferable to research thoroughly for options available. Various factors need to be kept in mind to save on the energy costs of your household.

The most common type of heating systems is electric, gas furnaces, or oil-based furnaces. Apart from the resource required, there are aspects like their BTU capacity, AFUE rating, load calculation, and warranty that should be considered.

The cost of the furnaces varies depending on factors like climatic conditions, location of the house-owner, types of unit, installer experience, the size of your home, fueling source, or if any ductwork needs to be done. The charges may increase if the house requires an electrical or duct job. Another necessity is to have a permit for the installation of the furnace. It can cost to as least to 50$ or might take hundreds of dollars. There are cheaper options available but it is beneficial to get a premium quality furnace. The same thing goes while hiring an installer.

The cost of air conditioning service may vary depending on certain factors. A few of which have been listed below:

Cost of Replacement:

The cost of replacing a furnace or AC service in Ottawa may be around $3,000 to $10,000. It includes the removal and installation cost as well as the charges of buying the unit. It is essential to take good care of it and handle it properly. Such investment should be worth it.

Type of Furnace being Installed:

The cost of electric furnaces is generally lower than that of gas furnaces. The installation of a gas furnace is easier, hence you can save on the charges of the installer. There are single-stage furnaces that have the feature of heating your house until it reaches the desired temperature. There are two-stage furnaces that allow you to control the heat flow. The most expensive furnaces are fuel-efficient and also provide good control over the heat flow.


The installation price depends on where the furnace has to be placed. The extra charges would be applied if it has to be installed in a crawlspace. If it has to be placed in a basement, then there are hardly any extra costs applicable.


If your old furnace has to be replaced, then some extra work would be required for installing the furnace according to the codes of the building. Furnaces can last up to 20 years, but if any extra work is required, then it might add to the installation costs.

Size of the Building:

Furnaces are like AC installation in Ottawa. If the area to heat is big then a larger furnace is required to fulfill the requirements. The cost may vary if the property is commercial or domestic.

The list goes on and on when it comes to the cost of replacing a furnace. Various things should be considered before making any decision. Dream Air, a trusted name for air conditioner repair in Ottawa, is your go-to place for any AC-related problems you are facing. Call us at 613-762-3035.

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