Furnace repair in Ottawa

DreamAir Heating and Cooling Inc., a company specialized in commercial and residential heating, air conditioning, ventilation installation, and repair offers valuable tips on keeping HVAC systems to the top performance level. As a company with significant experience in heating and air conditioning service, they suggest regular maintenance as the key to top functionality of the units.

With the onset of summer, the demand for air conditioning systems increases. In the same fashion, the demand for heating systems increases with the arrival of winters. With the variation in temperature, the load on heating and cooling systems increases rapidly. After prolonged use, the system tends to lose its efficiency and performance. However, it can be maintained and even improved further with regular inspection and maintenance of the system. With the exception of replacing air filters, there are no serviceable elements that consumers can manage themselves. This is why professional help is recommended for services like:

Component evaluation

Like any other machine, HVAC systems also need various components to operate at the optimal level: motors, wheels, compressors, and start to assist devices. All of these components must be checked regularly to ensure they are running smoothly, at the proper voltage, and within the right power range. Regular inspection helps to find the signs of early breakdown and hence costly repairs. Hiring a professional service provider makes the process a lot easier.

Cleaning of the system

the HVAC system is all about heat transfer. In summers, it removes unwanted heat from the room, and in winters the cold waves. After some years of use, the evaporator coil and condenser coil collect dirt to ultimately become unable to do this transference. Even the outdoor condenser coil can become dirty over time. Cleaning is essential to get rid of this dirt and restore the efficiency of the heating and cooling unit.

DreamAir Heating and Cooling Inc. are also acknowledged for having proficiency in new radiant heating applications, retrofitting boilers, and older systems. Their wide range of offerings also includes the installation of high-efficiency green systems, warm floor systems, and solar products. We offer all these services along with furnace repair in Ottawa, ON & fireplace repair Ottawa at an affordable cost.

Backed by a skilled team of HVAC experts, they offer all sorts of services regarding heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance, at an affordable cost. To schedule an inspection, call us at 613-558-4328(Heat) or 613-762-3035.

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