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If you are in the market looking for a new air conditioning unit, you are likely to have come across dozens of Lennox models. Lennox has dominated the air conditioning market for several decades and manufactures some of the most reliable and efficient cooling systems that money can buy. What’s more? You can easily find reputable Lennox HVAC system repair services near you if your unit needs maintenance or repair work.

Benefits of Investing In a Lennox Air Conditioning System:

  • Multiple Options to Meet Every Budget:

One of the most outstanding features of Lennox units is that the company offers numerous models and price ranges from which you can choose. While all these air conditioning systems are high-performance units with a list of benefits, all of them also help dramatically reduce energy costs.

  • Zoning Systems Regulate Temperatures: 

Lennox air conditioning systems allow homeowners to regulate the temperature in different rooms or areas. It means that instead of cooling your entire home, you can choose in which room you want to turn on the air. This way, you will not waste energy cooling unused parts of your house. It is a cost-effective way to cool your home and save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills.

  • Better Air Quality: 

All Lennox air conditioning systems are highly efficient in filtering out impurities so you can breathe clean and fresh air all through the year. These units employ state of the air technology that cleans out the air, reduces dirt, dust, pollen, and dander, making your home a cozy haven for you and your family.

  • Lennox Air Conditioning System Pricing

 Lennox air conditioning systems are available at varying price tags to suit the budget of every customer.

Lennox Air Conditioner – Price Ranges for Different Models

Lennox air conditioners are available in various models. The Lennox HVAC systems prices differ in accordance with features like durability, warranty, efficiency, etc. The price range also depends on the efficiency rating for each model.

  • The Lennox XC25 model has the highest efficiency rating, 26 SEER. 13 SEER rating is the least of all, which is for the Lennox 13ACX.

Lennox AC Units Priced by Unit Size

They are made available to your homes to take accurate measurements. The cooling area of the air conditioner differs according to its unit size. The customer always has an idea about the required area. The best way to figure this out is to seek help from the customer service center of Lennox Air Conditioner.

Lennox Furnace 

The Lennox furnace provides the best service for centralized and home furnace requirements. In addition, Lennox furnace provides one of the finest heating, air conditioning, and ventilation services. Lennox furnace prices vary according to their size and efficiency rating.

Furnaces provided by Lennox have a lifespan of around 20 years.

Customer Service

Lennox air conditioners provide the best customer service for every heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. Customer service is provided in various methods.

  • The customers can directly contact the toll-free number to gather information about the services provided by Lennox air conditioners.
  • Our service enables the customers to choose different types of equipment. Then, the staff approaches the customer’s household to gather accurate measurements for fixing the pieces of equipment.
  • Lennox air conditioner also provides the fastest customer service. Our staff will be available at any time for help.
  • Complaints received about the equipment will be rectified at the earliest time possible.

Dream Air Heating and Cooling offers a comprehensive range of HVAC repair Ottawa. Our technicians know a thing or two about HVACs. We are committed to helping our customers maintain their HVAC systems all year round. Creating value for our customers tops our priority list. Also, you can read our other articles about the cost of water heater installation Ottawa.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What tonnage does Lennox air conditioner are available?

Air conditioning units and heat pumps from Lennox® are available in tonnages ranging from 1.5 to 5 tonnes. In addition, the package units of Lennox are available in capacities ranging from 2 to 5 tonnes.

How long does a Lennox HVAC system last?

Lennox HVAC systems can last for 15-20 years. After that, it depends on various factors like constant maintenance, oversizing or under-sizing, and the weather of the area you live in, etc.

Does Lennox offer financing?

Lennox offers financing plans for all credit levels. To know more about the offers, ask your Lennox Dealer. Your Lennox dealer will provide you the latest financing options. It’s not essential to have a perfect credit level for HVAC financing.

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